Our Ministries

Christ Temple The People’s Church (CTTPC)is a place to get connected with God and with God’s Family. You can experience spiritual growth and opportunity to use your gifts and talents as you learn to know God and make Him known to others around you.
Get connected… find your place at Christ Temple The People’s Church!

Benevolence Ministries:
This ministry seeks to help people and families in times of crisis, meeting all kinds of physical and spiritual needs through prayer.  As well, assist in obtaining charitable contributions and charity donations from charity organizations and local charities.

Marriage Ministries:
Exists to enrich and strengthen the basic family unit represented in the covenant of Christian marriage and to encourage married couples to grow more into the likeness of Christ. We offer several ways for this to happen.

Men’s Ministries:
Provides a fellowship for the men of the church, encourages men to become active in the ministry of the church, and strive to be role models for the young men of the CTTPC family.

Music Ministries:
Provides sacred music for all worship services.

Sunday School:
Parishioners are warmly invited to join the Sunday School at 9:30 AM year-round to learn the truths of God’s love for us as found in the Bible.

Usher Board:
These friendly volunteer workers meet, greet, and seat our members and guests as they enter the sanctuary. Their objective is to ensure that each person who enters God’s house feels peace, joy, and happiness.

Worship Arts Ministry:
The purpose of the Christ Temple Church Worship Arts Ministry is to consistently create an environment of excellence, Christ-centered worship through a variety of weekly artistic offerings, resulting in a life-changing experience with God that far reaches into the daily ministry life of the church, as well as the personal worship life of the Christ Temple The People’s Church member.

Youth Ministry:
The Youth ministry primary goal for our youth is to keep them Christ focused! Leaders of this ministry are committed to identifying and addressing the needs of our youth.

Women’s Ministry:
Our Women’s Ministry provides a Christian fellowship for mature Christian women with emphasis on increasing spiritual growth. The Women’s Ministry focuses on a wide range of topics in each of the fellowship group meetings, created especially for women. The members of this ministry are a unique blend of women that serve as role models and support systems for younger women within the church.

Mother’s Board:
The Mother’s Board provides guidance, counsel and advice to the young women within the church. They also assist the Deacons with the preparation of communion and baptism.

Deaconess Board:
The Deaconess Board serves the Lord by conducting the caring ministry of the church doing the benevolence work, visiting the sick, being alert to the spiritual needs of the congregation for the purpose of freeing the pastoral staff to focus on prayer and the ministry of the Word, promoting unity within the church and facilitating the spread of the Gospel.

Hospitality Ministries:
This ministry provides an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance to the members and guests of Christ Temple by extending loving gestures of hospitality to all.

Young Women’s Christian Council:
YWCC is an organization of young women ages 18-40 married or single whose prime purpose is to dedicate them to greater Christian Service.

Christian Women’s Council:
This ministry invests in the lives of other women, i.e., women helping women, women understanding women, women having influence in the lives of other women by being available and never too busy to care. Their goal is to promote “mentoring” friendships between the older and younger women at Christ Temple and to support and encourage them in every way possible.

Business and Professional Women:
The organization of the BPWF gives the women a chance to present Christ to others in their profession.

Prayer and Bible Band:
The purpose of the Prayer and Bible Band is to train women to know their Bibles that they may become acquainted with the Word of God and help to lead others to righteousness.

Welcome Ministry (Greeters):
The goal of the Greeters Ministry is to welcome all worshippers, especially first time visitors, to our church and to make sure that they feel right at home with us.

Tri-Guild Ministry:
Tri-Guild Ministry is designed to create a bond between the wives of deacons, trustees, and ministers. Members of this ministry receive training regarding the role of being a deacon’s, trustees, or minister’s wife.

Intercessory Prayer Team:
This team is an intricate part of CTTPC as one of its primary purposes is to stand in the gap for the needs and desires of the ministry as well as extending prayers for the Body of Christ, for the salvation of souls, governmental officials, the world and others in need of prayer.

Altar Workers:
This group welcomes all who come to the altar for prayer and spiritual guidance. Altar Workers are trained to pray with persons, give basic spiritual guidance and walk you through the processes of being baptized in Jesus’ name and seeking the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Altar Workers are available during all worship services.

Singles’ Ministry:
A ministry that educates, motivates, and stimulates today’s single body of believers to further know the Lord Jesus Christ.

Culinary Delights:
This ministry consists of some of the best cooks at Christ Temple The People’s Church.  They prepare meals for special events held at the church.

Missionaries Circle:
This is a circle of volunteers who provide service to others and in the study of God’s Word according to His plan. To minister to all persons in need of prayer, encouragement, and Christian fellowship; consoling the bereaved and ministering to the sick and shut-in.

Pastoral Care Ministry:
The Pastoral Care Ministry is dedicated to supporting individuals and families through life transitions and times of need.

Elders and Ministers Council:
The Elders and Ministers Council is established to provide oversight and guidance within the Church for the service and care of the local congregation, the preaching of the gospel and the administration of God’s tithes and offerings.

Armor Bearers:
The Armor Bearers’ responsibility is to assist the pastor and first lady by being respectful and supportive. They make the advancement of the leader the most important goal.

KIT Ministry (Keeping In Touch):
Members of the KIT Ministry respond to the needs of those women in our congregation that experience the loss of a loved one, celebrations or life transitions. This ministry delivers messages of condolences, presents message of sympathy at funerals or message of celebration as required.

Provide service to the congregation, support the vision of the ministry and the pastor. Deacons assist with devotional services and are visible, helpful and an extension of the CTTPC family throughout the community.

Nurses Ministry:
The Medical professionals of our church volunteer and assist members and the community on health awareness. Screenings and health fairs are held for church members as well as education on health related issues.

Media Ministry:
Weekly, the Media Ministry team produces internet, television and radio programming that is broadcasted to innumerable people, worldwide.

Missions Ministry:
The Outreach Ministry the church and the community work together to serve the needs of all people.

The Trustees primary function is to manage the financial business of the church in cooperation with the Pastor.